Window 7 Start-Up Repair completes but window fails to boot.


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[HR][/HR]After rebooting my system, it recommended that i do a start up repair. After the repair completed i recieved the black screen right before choosing USER , so i tried 3x more to repair which each completed but same outcome till the point it just says cant repair automatically . Then i tried to system restore which failed also , but the catch is my system boots fine from Safe Mode...anyone have any ideas of what to do from Safe Mode to return my boot up back to normal? All Help is appreciated



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This is a very difficult decision, given the lack of information provided about the hard drive configuration. However, this may help you. I suggest you perform a backup at your earliest convenience (probably before trying any of this).

Use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

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Any chance it is a video resolution situation? What type of video output do you have?

If you are in safe mode, perhaps checking the video drivers. If it is video, you can use msconfig.exe to set a basic resolution which should get you back into Windows. If it still doesn't work, maybe something else is going on.

Sorry it has been 4 days, but I just saw your post.

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