Windows 10 black screen.


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Hi 1 questioner who has a tease does not slander what's wrong, but goes black but the screen lights up blue and does not turn yellow and does not say '' no signal found ''. and guides and
bring the SBOD test and send me the zip .file but he announced that he should not join the message for me i suggested him today
dism / online / cleanup-image / startcomponentcleanup
sfc / scannow
dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth
sfc / scannow and now I haven't heard of him anymore.
so maybe it is best to cancel my assistance request to you thanks for reminding me of the open question Thank you Rapaaja


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those commands have spaces where there shouldn't be spaces, the commands are sfc /scannow and dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth :)


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Hi "that is a copy (they came when I used a translator when I was writing Google) that's why those extra spaces":rolleyes:
Did I do it right when I thought myself to send that file to you maybe I was wrong about that thing. Would it be more sensible to say that you send it to you? to address? I haven't tried it myself on my computer, and I was left unclear about who to send it so I told myself to forgive myself as a student I thought I would deliver it myself but not always go to like movies!:rolleyes:
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