Windows 10 boot loop

Hey all! So I recently downloaded Windows 10 onto my computer. I done this through the icon in the bottom left corner. Once I installed it, I rebooted my computer. Now I'm stuck in the endless loop of booting up, showing the PC manufacturers logo (compaq) then restart. I have a disc with the ISO version of Windows 7 but that's it



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Hi and welcome to the forum:

So you attempted to upgrade from Win7 to WX then? Did you remember to run the WIN10 COMPATIBILITY TEST REPORT prior to performing the upgrade? If not, you should download from here: Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

It would be helpful if you could provide us with the exact Make/Model of your computer. Is it a Desktop PC or a laptop? Is this an OEM computer (DELL, HP, ACER/GATEWAY, ASUS, ETC.) or a self-built custom computer that you built yourself?

Lack of information about your computer really impedes our ability to help you.

Generally, Win10 failures occur when older hardware drivers or application programs have issues with Win10. Computers that aren't running healthy prior to the upgrade often hang, freeze, blue screen, or boot loop as yours is doing. Older computers such as computers running Win7 are 4-6 years old and often have failing or failed hard drives; another common failure. This can be tested as follows:

There are 2 common causes for failures like this in PCs that are over 5 yrs. of age:
1) Faulty hard drive
2) Faulty RAM stick(s)

To test #1, download the free SEATOOLS* drive test program from and run BOTH short and long tests. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, your Hard Drive has failed and must be replaced. Attempt to make a Backup of all needed Personal Information such as documents, photos, music, movies, E-mail, etc. to external media before removing the drive from the PC. If you are unable to do this, remove that drive and replace it. Set that failed drive aside for further data recovery.
Reinstall Windows7 from your installation Media and retest. If the drive did fail, this should solve your problem.

To test #2, download the free MEMTEST* memory test program via Google. Test each stick of RAM individually for a minimum of 8 passes. If MEMTEST returns any errors you have a failed RAM stick and it must be replaced. Test ALL the RAM sticks you have and then reinsert all of them once they pass the MEMTEST, and run MEMTEST one final time with all (1-4 typicall) sticks installed. If MEMTEST returns any errors after the 8 passes, you'll need to begin replaced pairs of RAM sticks with new ones until MEMTEST completes without errors with all sticks installed.

*Note: Downloading both the SEATOOLS and MEMTEST programs will give you an ISO file image file, which you will then need to burn to CD or DVD blank disc. For this I recommend the free IMGburn program available via Google. Use the IMGburn program to create a bootable disc that contains first the SEATOOLS test and a 2nd disc that contains the MEMTEST program. You should be able to fit both on blank CD disc; but if you only have blank DVD disc this will work just fine. Remember to change the Boot Order or Boot Preference in the boot screen (F9, F10, F11, F12 key, check your owner's manual) so your Presario can find the boot disc you are trying to load (SEATOOLS or MEMTEST).
After testing your hardware and replacing any faulty components, you can now reinstall Win10 from a free download ISO file from here up to 30 days after the date you installed it (10/16?): Windows 10 ISO

In most instances, this should take care of your boot loop problem, assuming your computer has no other problems.

Good luck, :thumbs_up:

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