Windows 10 Camera Not Found


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Hello there, Windows community.

Back in August, I bought and received a Dell Inspiron 15 3000, and I've had excellent work done on it. It's high speed, it connects fluidly to other devices and networks, and it's been a good experience up to this point.

However, my camera hasn't been working correctly. Like, at all. The first time I tried to use it, I was met with an error code 0xA00F4224<NoCamerasAreAttached>.

Since then, I have exhausted every single solution that the internet has had to offer me about 10 times each.

I have checked the Camera privacy settings and enabled the Camera to access my webcam.
I have uninstalled, and reinstalled my camera driver about 15 times.
I even got RID of my antivirus software. Not just verified that it's not interfering, I MADE SURE IT WOULD NEVER INTERFERE AGAIN.

Finally, I got it to work today, and then it froze and stopped working, relaying that "Something went wrong." With a subsequent code that I can't remember because I no longer have access to it. I restarted my PC again, and it gave me the same code that I started with.

I can't keep screwing with this. I start college in a week and a half, and all of the classes are on Zoom. I'm getting increasingly frustrated because this is a brand new laptop and I should not be dealing with such a persistent issue from the get go.