Insider Preview Windows 10 Desktop Issues v10041

I installed windows 10 tech preview today and was super excited to see all the new stuff, to my displeasure I found out that windows 10 isn't working properly on my system what so ever, as soon as i boot up into the start menu after putting in my password and signing into my Microsoft Account I go to my desktop like normal but this screen appear rapidly flashing so i cannot access my desktop...

The only fix Ive found for this is opening my Task Manager and looking through system files to find applications, I've tried reinstalling Windows 10 and to no avail, the same thing happens, Ive tried to update to v10049 but my product key that came with the software doesn't work for some reason (It did one time but then the system rebooted with the message it SAID it was adding features but IT DIDN'T)

The only thing at this point i can still think to do is maybe disable SLI (as if that has anything to do with OS functionality??) or Reinstall windows 8.1

BUT I have another problem, i don't have my original product key from windows 8.1 I have the install disk but not disk drive on my PC (my case doesn't have any 5.25" bays) and the Extrenal disk drive i used originally is no longer in my possession....

Is my only option at this point really to drop ANOTHER 100$ on a product key for Windows 8.1 AGAIN and buy ANOTHER External disk drive AGAIN?

Ive included a picture of my desktops problem for hopefully somewhat of a reference....



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Could you tell us which parts your computer consist off. It sounds like a driver problem and it would be nice to have a list of your hardware.

Most computers have a system restore partition. If you did not wipe that out at the installation of W10, you may have a change. Look for info at the support pages on the website of the manufacturer of your computer. And is not there a Windows sticker somewhere on it?

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I built my own desktop, therefore there are no "manufacturer warranties"

Systems specs
Intel i7 4790k 4.5ghz
X2 GTX 970 GPUs
16gb DDR3 RAM
2TB Seagate SSHD
120gb Samsung 850 SSD
And a 1000w PSU

I've flashed and reformatted both storage devices and will just be buying another copy of Windows 8.1, which is frankly stupid that I have to do this....

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