Windows 10 Fully Functional Recycle Bin Toolbar in 9 Steps!

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Vetral32, Dec 27, 2016.


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  1. Vetral32

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Ever wanted a recycle bin in your taskbar? Like Mac OS X? Well here is the clearest tutorial I can give you.

    Step 1 : Unlock taskbar if not locked.
    Step 2 : Make a new folder where ever you want. (I put mine under C)
    Step 3 : Name the folder something that you can remember. (I put mine to RecycleBinToolbar)
    Step 4 : On your desktop, right click the Recycle Bin and hit 'Create shortcut'.
    Step 5 : Drag the shortcut to the folder that you made earlier on Step 2 and 3.
    Step 6 : Right click the taskbar, then hover over 'Toolbars' and hit 'New toolbar...'
    Step 7 : Select the created folder we made earlier with the shortcut of the Recycle Bin in it.
    Step 8 : Uncheck 'Show Text' and 'Show title'.
    Step 8.5 (Optional) : Right click the 2 bars and hover over 'View' then click 'Large Icons'
    Step 9 : If your taskbar was previously set to lock the taskbar and you unlocked it, you can change it back to LOCKED.

    Now you can have a fully functional Recycle Bin in your taskbar! (I'm not taking a screenshot because I am using the Windows 7 visual style and some people may think I'm on Windows 7. Also I replaced the Recycle Bin icon to the one in Windows 7)

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