Insider Preview Windows 10 is forcing its own network drivers


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For some of my computer's functions to work properly, I need to use the official drivers given by Asus. However, every time I uninstall the drivers Microsoft packs with the OS, it will re-install itself every time I try to start Asus' driver installation.

I need help uninstalling the ones from MS permanently, so I can install the official ones.


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This maybe a design/bug flaw with the current beta build. I would suggest reporting the issue using the feedback app and see if others have reported the same or something similar and if there is a work around.


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Have you tried this:
Go to Start and type in sysdm.cpl and press Enter
click Hardware along the top and then Device installation settings.
Where it says 'do you want windows to download driver software and realistic icons for your devices' click 'No,let me choose what to do'. Make sure the checkbox for 'Never install driver software from windows update' is clicked. The checkbox for automatically get information can be left ticked.
Windows does carry a basic set of drivers anyway and to update these you normally just install the software/drivers that's provided by the manufacturer. You can also update these by going via device manager, right clicking on the device and clicking update driver.


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As kemical mentions, you don't really need to uninstall drivers prior to installing new ones. Since you don't say which system or what function you are having the problem with except for network driver. In general, some ASUS drivers will not install on a new OS designation. On my systems, the ASMedia ones don't want to install, but I have a plain vanilla driver for that controller.

In some instances, I will allow the uninstall to remove all drivers for the device. But with a New OS, if your drivers refused to install, this could be a problem.

Maybe if you supply the system specs. we might be better able to help, if kemical's post did not solve your situation.


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Are you looking for chipset drivers perhaps i.e. the vivo key?


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Go to Start and type in sysdm.cpl and press Enter

I Thanks for the info Kemical, I did as you suggested, I don't want to suddenly get new audio drivers installed.

The ones I have work, not so with later ones I've tried.
I always like to have some control over this, at least I can make a system image before the drivers get installed.


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