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Paul Simpson

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Error 0x80070032
Hi. Ppl. Just had to refresh windows as I was having a few problems with syncing mail. But the refresh never cured the poblem. When I try to sync folders I get the error. Looking at win 10 feedback it looks like quite a lot of pople are getting the same error. Has enyone found a fix yet ?


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Hi Paul,

Make/Model of your Computer would be helpful. And there are tons of different E-mail programs; which one exactly are you referring to? Outlook, Eudora, PopBox, webmail?? And what version of that E-mail program do you have installed?

If webmail sync, which E-mail are you using that gives you this error?

And does the Computer your are using come from Factory with Win10 pre-installed, or did you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, such as Win7/Win8/Win8.1 or older version?

When you did a Refresh on your Win10, did you remember to Format your Hard Drive prior to doing that? Did you Refresh by reinstalling an older original copy of Windows on your drive and then upgrade to Win10? How did you accomplish the Win10 install; did you do via the Win10 widget in System Tray via Microsoft App Store, or did you download the Win10 ISO file and burn a bootable install DVD or USB stick?

We could help you better if you gave us some more specific information as to your computing environment. Your query is sort of like calling your mechanic on the phone and asking him to tell you how to adjust your Clutch timing as the plug-in diagnostic gives you a 2n10 code; but you don't tell him what brand of car you have or if it's a pickup truck or a diesel or whatever. See what I mean?


Paul Simpson

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Thanks for the reply .
The PC is a home built PC.
Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 mobo.
Intel Sandy bridge 2600k cpu. Overclocked to 4.8.
8gb dual channel G-skill ram.
500 gb crucial mx200 ssd for the o/s.
2 x 250gb mx100 raid 0 for games/programmes.
2TB samsung hdd for backups.
2 x HD radion 6970 gpu.
Custom w/c.

In the mail app in windows 10 I have set up two accounts gmail, and hotmail.
Gmail syncs but finds nothing. But hotmail or Outlook as its now called tries to sync then displays the error.
Upgrade history is:
I upgraded frome win 8.1 pro ----win 10 pro checked it was activated. then did a fresh install via usb thumb drive, installed all apps and programs and all worked fine for a few weeks then I started to get the sync problems so I went to settings/updates/recovery/refresh your pc to see if it would correct the sync problem (it didn't).

I tried creating a local account as others have suggested but that never worked either.

The thing is! I can got on my hotmail account in my chrome browser and view all emails in the folders no problems so its not that crucial if I dont find a fix but it would be convenient if it worked in the win 10 app so I did not have to open the brower every time I wanted to view saved emails.


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Hi again Paul,

Thanks for your reply, and good job about answering my questions on your computing environment. Lots of folks here seem to ignore that request, like I'm a psychic and can figure out what OS & all the hardware goodies they have in front of them.

The first thing that comes to mind is that have you tried the Win10 E-mail sync on a different computer, one such as an OEM built (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, etc.)? And if so, does it do the same thing? Same error code?

I was fooling around my Sony laptop yesterday, and needed to E-mail something from it, so I tried setting it up with my Verizon webmail using the built-in Win10 Mail app. No go. I tried multiple times. This laptop is about 7 years old, and was upgraded from Vista-Win7 Home-Win10 Home via system tray widget download from Microsoft App store. This laptop is my main entertainment PC and I use it for watching Netflix and take with when I do troubleshooting at my Customer sites. So, it is a very solid machine. Just providing some background for you here, and in case some of the other Mods here are reading this and want to jump in they know what are environments looked like. I have Google and Hotmail (Windows Live ID) accounts, but haven't yet tried those on the laptop yet. I wasn't able to get my Windows Live ID to work on Win10 Mail either (interesting, huh?), and yet it works on my other computers (I have several), and on my main desktop I run Vista with Windows Live Mail 2011, and BOTH my Verizon webmail works as does my WLM2011 with my Windows Live ID account ( I received no error codes as you did with your Email syncing, it just doesn't work correctly. I get a few E-mails in, but can't send anything. Now on this Sony laptop, prior to my Win10 download/upgrade on July 29th (Win10 release date), WLM 2012 worked just fine with both my Verizon webmail account and my Windows Live ID ( accounts no problem.:confused:

My initial conclusion is that Win10 Mail has some kind of syncing errors, some which produce error codes (such as yours, and some that do not, such as mine in the above configuration and situation! More testing will be required. I have another Vista-era PC that I recently installed Win10 Home RTM on manually via DVD ISO file, and will test out the Win10 Mail app on that during the next few weeks and get back to you. It could be server or authentication settings on just my laptop, but I doubt it, as I'm pretty good at E-mail having been an E-mail administrator for several different companies with up to 5,000 computers on their E-mail server. So, if I cannot get the Win10 E-mail app to work with any of my several E-mail accounts, MS probably has a bug in the program. I'll check with some of the other Tech Forums I volunteer on and see what they have to say as well.

So you know also, I've been a Win10 Tech Preview tester for Microsoft (along with 3.9 Million other folks!) since last Sep. 2014 and have been running the preview versions now for a year. I also lead Win10 workshops at my local Computer Club, and have a couple coming up. Right now, the Club's focus is on basic usage, for people who buy brand new Win10 PCs, laptops, or tablets and just want to know how to use them, and on backup including clone image backups (which I have tested extensively).
This really isn't related to your problem, but, I will add the E-mail situation to my list of testing and see what I come up with. My Microsoft buddies on the MS Win10 forums have mentioned a Win10 update that will be released in the next couple of months (for sure by the end of the year) which may or may not address this E-mail problem. We'll have to see.

I've been doing Win10 support on multiple Tech Forums since July 29th, and there are several other problems related to Upgrade & Installation as well. Not entirely unexpected, as we had these types of problems a few years ago when Win8 first came out (2011). For the most part, Win10 does a really good job with the upgrade, but some of the MS app store apps still have some issues. Mostly, since they are new I think as is their distribution method. Some of the folks I work with have had luck with some of the MS Win10 fixit tools. The bottom line is that if your PC is running a pre-Win10 windows version and it is clean, with no viruses or malware, the upgrade whether download version or ISO file install version (DVD or USB) works pretty well!:D Your hardware setup appears pretty clean to me, and the only possible issue is the overclocking. Don't know whether or not your Mobo allows you to temporarily disable the overclock feature or not, but some older ASUS Mobos do allow this; you might try disabling that feature just long enough to retest your E-mail syncing. It probably won't make a difference, but it could help.

Of course, if you have a 2nd PC that you can use or access (a friend's perhaps) that has Win10 installed on it you can try the E-mail sync on that system (preferably an OEM build) and see whether you get the same error code on sync or not. If so, let me know, and I'll include that test in my data reports.

Let us know how it goes, and best of luck!:thumbs_up:
<<<BBJ>>> :usa:

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Paul Simpson

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Hi again BBJ, sorry for the delay.
well i have an old OEM Dell laptop as well and tried the mail app out to see what happened on that, but everything works exactly as the main PC works.
GMail syncs but finds nothing and Hotmail syncs and give the same error code.
So i checked out all settings in my two accounts and everything looks correct to me, so my heads in a spin as to what's going on.

And just to make things a little more interesting i have a office 365 account and when i open outlook the only emails it sees is the ones in the (in box) and all other folders are empty.
Also every time i open an app in office 365 the registration wizard opens asking (How do you want to activate your software) but when i click activate over the internet i get another error code saying (We're sorry, something went wrong and we can't do this for you right now. Please try again later (0x8004FC12).
So I googled the error and found a fix that repairs the program (that never worked)
Then i un-installed office and re-installed it again only to find nothing had changed.
So whatever s going on is beyond my skills and i could do with more ideas to try out. In the end i gave up and as a last resort i set the Bios back to its default setting but as i expected it never fixed any of the faults.:thud:

So the plot thickens haha.
I decided to uninstall/re-installed office again to try and get rid of the activation wizard popping up and when I opened the mail app afterwards it startrd syncing all folder all be it manually, BUT it still gives the error code even tho I can still see all my saved emails in the folders. (Go figure).

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Hi Paul,
No worries. Thanks for getting back to me.;) Interesting about the Office365 account issues as well. I don't do much with Office365 as most of my Customers don't like the whole "online subscription" issue and prefer to run the traditional office programs from their hard drives. But it certainly doesn't surprise me. MS has just recently released Office2016, so it would be interesting to get a hold of that (which can be downloaded via ISO file), to see if the Syncing problem remains with Outlook2016. Outlook2016 should be the full-featured local version of Outlook365-Outlook. Haven't tried it as this year my Computer Club has decided that Win10 is more important to our Members than the newest version of Office, so we voted not to do an Office2016 workshop. We'll probably do that next year in the spring. So, I don't intent to devote any resources solving this problem until then.

Regarding your comment on setting back the BIOS setting to it's default. Good work there. I'll assume that was done on your Custom-rig not the laptop, right? My intent was to test the Win10 Mail syncing with the Overclocking on that Motherboard turned off. If this was the case, my hunch was right that Win10 Mail simply has bugs in it regarding the syncing that haven't been reported yet to MS, and not an issue with just that one PC Motherboard (employing an Overclocking setting).

Keep an eye on the Win10 Forum here, as well as some of the other Tech Forums; I suspect it's already been reported, or if not I will report it. Whichever one of us sees a solution first, can report back to this thread as a follow-up for other Members that would be great!! :cool:

Interesting about the Syncing working manually--this reminds me of the old Outlook2003 to Outlook2007 syncing problems we had around the time Vista came out. Eventually MS developed a fix for this, and there were several 3rd party programs that handled this problem, and even a Registry Hack or two was finally found to fix this problem. Some Computers still reported the error code, even in automatic mode, but all the E-mail and Contacts and Calendars came over, so people just ignored it for the most part. o_O

Nice work on this problem; you've spent considerable effort trying to figure it out-Kudos.
We'll let the Mods here know to keep this thread open for now, but NOT marking it Solved.

Cheers! :coffee:

Paul Simpson

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Regarding your comment on setting back the BIOS setting to it's default. Good work there. I'll assume that was done on your Custom-rig not the laptop, right? My intent was to test the Win10 Mail syncing with the Overclocking on that Motherboard turned off. If this was the case, my hunch was right that Win10 Mail simply has bugs in it regarding the syncing that haven't been reported yet to MS, and not an issue with just that one PC Motherboard (employing an Overclocking setting).
Just to let you know it was my desktop pc I set back to default bios, as my oem laptop bios is locked by Dell so cannot alter too many settings at all.
Anyway thanks again for your time and help, and I will report back if any solutions turn up, or anymore problems that may help you figure out if it really is a wx/mail sync problem or some mismatched setting in my accounts.


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Hi Paul,
Thanks for getting back to me on that. That's pretty much what I figured. But best to make sure going forward with my testing and posting. Haven't been on here for a couple of days, but this morning I already saw 2 or 3 WinX Mail issues already. So, it's definitely looking like a Microsoft problem and not yours (or mine).

Will keep in touch.
Have a great day!

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