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Hey guys/girls,

I've just installed Windows 10 and got everything working smoothly.

Just playing a couple of tracks on my PC and I've noticed there is a significant drop off in bass compared to Windows 7. Having delved around in settings I have found no real explanation for this.

I've updated the audio drivers to the latest version but to no avail.
I've made sure that any audio enhancements are turned off.
I've checked various sources (google play via edge & chrome, MP3's, Wav's)

It seems to me that something within windows is either applying a high pass filter/shelf eq, or boosting the mid-range; either way the audio is not right.

A quick google search seems to suggest that I am not the only person that is experiencing this problem

I have the same problem :(


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Try this, it may work. Open up Windows Media Player, right-click towards the top in WMP, click on View, click on Skin Changer, click on Revert, click on Apply Skin, click on the little icon that looks like a meter/equalizer, you'll then see a Graphics Equalizer window appear, click the 2nd button at the top left side and select a setting you like. I've got mine set to Rock and bass sound's terrific on my Windows 10 Pro pc.

Thanks, but being a bit of an audiophile I'm looking for the most accurate/natural/default sound. I don't want anything colouring it - I just want the audio to sound like the producer wanted it to. I really don't rate graphic EQ's.

I can't believe that's too much to ask, given that all the previous versions of Windows have done this just fine.

Thankfully this is only on my work PC, not my home one which I use to produce music, but it's still highly annoying as I do like to listen to music whilst I work.


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That's fine by me. I'm a drummer, so I'm a audiophile, too.

I have found a fix:

I uninstalled the latest drivers and switched to the Windows 8 ALC269 drivers (I got them from the Dell website, but I'm sure they are available elsewhere)

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