Windows 10 revert to 8.1 after system reset and problems still unfixed

Today i had to do an OS Factory default reset becaus of some issues i was having starting services needed to run a server i had for personal use, the reset worked but then it was too late to notice my mistake, this laptop had a Windows 8.1 rom as Factory and now i'm stuck with Windows 8.1
Basically i downgraded my pc trying to fix some services not running propperly even after re-installing them and doing a program deleting system restore (which kept my pc on win10)
I know the free OS update promo ended a while back now, but i'm wondering if there's a way to re-update my OS without having to buy it again. Don't think there will be but it never hurts to ask, really i tried everything to restore my services and get them to work but nothing succeded so this was a last resort, and well it didn't even fix the issue i was having.... so yeah pretty much all for nothing as it didn't fix the issue

in any case you're wondering the service is Remote Control Server Service, if anybody here has any hint on how to fix any of the two issues please let me know

How did it do that, reset if it like a soft reset

at first i tried restarting the service, all it did was start and instantly after just stop working with a message saying some services stop automatically if nothing uses them,then i force-uninstalled and reinstalled the service manually, still nothing. Later i made a windows restore (win 10) and it left the files alone but uninstalled every application i had. As even that didn't work i decided to make a factory recovery, that deleted every file/program from the HDD and reverted win10 back to 8.1, installed the service in the pc and it still refuses to launch propperly, it just stops after manually starting it, what i'm asking here is if there's any way to reert back my pc to win10 without having to buy it again or just some way to fix the service issue, the service log is completely empty so i'm pretty concerned i might have to just replace the HDD and get a new OS for this damn issue

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