Windows 7 - 32-bit or 64-bit

I need some help here, can anyone help me. If not maybe you can put me in the right direction.
I've just bought a notebook with Windows 7, but when installing I have the choice between 32- and 64bit installation.
As I still have quite a few programs (originals) that I use on my desktop (with Windows XP) I want to be sure that when installed on the notebook they will work.
In other words, does a Windows XP program work on a Windows 7 notebook installed with 64-bit.
thanks for a quick reply, I want to get the notebook up and running.

Regards, Andy


New Member
Andy, most of your XP apps will run just fine on W7 x64 if you choose to install that on your laptop.

However... if you utterly rely on one or more apps that absolutely must run, you might want to list them here, and others may be able to offer specific ideas or suggestions in case any apps have minor issues.

Older, specific, 32-bit apps may cause W7 to run in "Basic" visual mode, which looks really ugly but usually allows them to run quite fine, but it depends on the apps. The only other major catch is the installer not running properly, but there are alternatives and workarounds.

Thanks for posting separately, it might just help someone else in the same boat!

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