Windows 7 - Automatically Hide Backup (tilde ~) files?


Everytime several programmes I use (Word, Excel, Solidworks etc.) opens a file, it creates a temporary backup file (starting with a tilde ~) in the same directory as the original. This makes my folders look very messy and makes it diffiuclt to find others files in the same folder.

Is there any way of automatically and permanently hiding these files? It's not like I need to see them for any reason.

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After a search, it seems to be quite a pain for many people. I don't use MS Office or Solidworks (what's that?), I have Open Office running and, having several difficulties, this one is in lack.

You may find some help with does anyone know how to hide backup files? - Microsoft Office Word, otherwise I'd generally suggest you put your files in "Type" order.

Not much of an advice, I know, sorry. But at least a try...

Thanks for the reply.

It does seem to be a wide-spread problem and I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a solution.

FYI, SolidWorks is a 3D CAD modelling program.


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In Word and Excel, you can uncheck that option. E.g. in Word, go to Word Options > Save > uncheck the box " save autorecover information". In Solidworks, I don't know.

"Save autorecover information" was already unchecked. I don't think that's what the tilde files are. Besides, I still want Word to back-up my files, I just don't want to see them. I'm positive that I had this functionality in XP, so why has it gone in Windows 7?

Surely I'm not the only who is driven crazy by the multitude of cluttering, unnecassary files.

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