Windows 7 Build 7000 won't complete install


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I assume you have unplugged any unnecessary hardware incase something isn't compatible.
Edit: Sorry I forgot to check page 2 of this thread.
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Can you disable things like onboard sound? Maybe that will help.
My machine is only a P4C800E-deluxe with 3.4Ghz P4 and it all installed fine.
However - the onboard sound was a problem until I found and used an old driver.


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I've had no probs with installing Windows 7. But in the past with maybe a Linux installation or something I've even gone as far as using an old style mouse instead of a USB mouse because the usb driver for the motherboard was somehow not working until after the install. It's another longshot (especially with a recent product like Win 7) but worth trying.
Have you tried installing it on any other machines? It really is a lovely OS from my perspective. I'd take a look at the driver CD that comes with that motherboard and consider the possibility that the motherboard needs or is using a driver that the OS is not offering...hence why disabling some things causing less demand for drivers might help.

If your main system is not that important to you i.e. you don't use it to make money or whatever - I'd go for it and install windows 7 on the C drive if you have enough room. Windows 7 will then install as usual but keep a folder called Windows.old which you can delete once you are happy with your latest OS. If then Win 7 needs any drivers - maybe it takes them automatically from the old setup if it can.

This is all theory, I don't really know exactly how it all works but it's a lovely OS.
I'm really pleased I skipped Vista.
Good Luck.


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I'm glad it worked out.
Now it's installed - it might be easy or even automatic to get the correct drivers for your regular hardware if you plug it back in.


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Thinking about it, i have come on with the solution. And its not looking good for me.

The spare PC is connected to my 8 port KVM. It uses a VGA cable, so i have a VGA output from the computer to the KVM to the screen, but the screen also has DVI, so i have a second cable from my spare marchine to the screen for better picture if i need it. When install, it would show on both screens. So i would just use the VGA/KVM input. Once it booted in to windows for the first time, it would see that DVI format was better, or just select that one, and choose to display the install on that screen. I still had the screen set to VGA and so saw only the black screen with the 'Windows 7 Beta' text botton corner.

So after 4 disk and about 10 installations, it looks like they all worked fine! And it was only a simple task of unpluging the DVI cable that made the installation show on the VGA screen input....

My have i been dumb. Lol.

So, sorry for wasting your time. And remember kids, check all your screen outputs!


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it's the video

I unluged the USB Keybaord, Sound, Display 2, and guess what! It worked. Installed fine now. Odd.

did the same. removed usb wireless mouse, usb ups connector, and connected lcd with vga port. presto! windows 7!!
then put the usb stuff back np.
funny win7 installed fine in a vmware environment with the aforementioned all attached. virtual drivers i suppose.
: )


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I think it was "disconnected display 2" that helped.
I had the same issue, installed 3 times, every time it would end up with the black screen with the beta message in the bottom-right corner.
Finally I thought to turn on the (unused) second display, and there it was. Windows 7 has multi-monitor support out of the box. If I'd thought to right-click the black screen I would have realised it was in fact the secondary desktop.