Windows 7 installation won't complete

margaret w

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Hey guys,

I tried looking for a similar issue already posted, but I couldn't find one. So, I'm posting here, and hoping I'm in the right forum and that it's a unique problem.

I bought my acer computer with windows vista on it, but qualified for windows 7 upgrade. Vista ran awesome, but I decided I wanted to use the upgrade so I put in the discs for the upgrade, and followed the prompts. I chose to do an upgrade rather than a clean install, and followed the prompts, after a couple of restarts, it said the installation was complete and it had to restart. But now when it restarts, it says windows is starting, goes to a black screen where I have a mouse pointer, but it's just a black screen and nothing seems to happen. I've left the screen up for hours, and nothing changes. Trying to boot up in safe mode brings up a screen saying that setup cannot be completed in safe mode and that it'll have to restart to finish the installation. Attempting to boot from the upgrade discs just tries to start and the same thing happens. So, I can't get to any desktop to do anything. Any help is greatly accepted.

margaret w

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Nevermind guys...I realized that I had my tv hooked up as my secondary monitor and with the upgrade, my desktop switched to my tv. So I was able to finish the upgrade.


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Glad you got it sorted Margaret and for updating your post. :)

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