Windows 7 Windows 7 desktop screenshot

I want that wallpaper. It's awesome!

hey fred, here is what i did until i get my hands on the full sized image. just dl his desktop shot up there and crop the taskbar out, problem solved for now....

Great idea. Thanks!

I kept mine pretty simple on the other hand but have a look... :cool:


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Pretty simple well as mine:D
Although I like it:)

btw can someone recommend me sites I can download quality 1920x1080 res wallpapers=?

zimmela1 by any chance can you send or post your background?


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Hi There,

Sure, check the attachment, but I must tell, that I also found it somewhere here in the forum, so the credit is not for me...
That Guy ( I forgot his name) linked this from Deviantart....but I could not search back.

Anyway here it is:

Thanks for the background... to you and the original poster ^.^

With the version that im on it came with new wallpapers

And this month (its may already) the RC1 will come out

will there be more wallpappers - 4 those people who av used torrent



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Well, I might as well bore you with mine. I don't spend a lot of time looking at my desktop so don't waste too much time or resources on it.

I'm a relatively new Windows user, so I don't really know all that much about customization just yet. This is just a basic theme change and a wallpaper. Normally, I have my taskbar at the top of the screen (more efficient) but the Windows button is poorly placed and actually overlaps the edge of the taskbar. :S

Anyway, here's the screenshot. :)

Meh... That's a screenie from my build 7000 install; I'm now using RC1, although that Parisian schoolgirl is still gracing my desktop:


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