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Yup, dual screen off my laptop running 2 different resolutions. the one on the left is my WXGA laptop and teh one on the right is my 17 " CRT :) kudos to digital blasphemy for the desktop!


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lol my desktop has hundreds of icons and i got rid of the send feedback thing


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shizzle i just ended a imprtant process :(



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Hi All Members... My First Post...


There's mine. I always like simple things, so I obviously don't want icons cluttering the desktop.



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My Newest Win7 DT !!!

Hey guyz this is my Newest DT ..I Gonna keep this One... :)


New Install Windows 7 Build 7000

just a quick install on a lenovo 3000 c100 to see how it works. everything seems to be working fine


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Windows 7 with Dreamscene running:

Although I'm still working the the Classic View hack, I couldn't resist the temptation to get Dreamscene running on Windows 7

the picture you're about to view was a 18MB avi file which I converted to Shockwave Flash resulting in a 5MB size. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. Viewing it on the original PC is incredible. It flows perfectly with no jerky movements whatsoever.

The link does not work properly by clicking on it, you'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser.

We can't see it. Get a better host, Geocities was the 90s...Shared hosting these days is what, $6/mo?


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This is a free site which i built in 1998 for an class project using Notepad and Microsoft's Script Editor, that's the only reason. I didn't even know if the page existsed.

Like, I like and thank

Here's my desktop. Check out my windows experience rating, anyone got better scores here :(


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That's very strange.

Obviously the base score does not match the individual scores.

I'd suggest you do a search on this site for index score and look over those posts.

Well, isn't it dependent on the lowest score though as my hard disk could be better, it's just a SATA 7200rpm drive. I should of gotten a SSD for the OSes and faster drives for the data and all.


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But the index shows your lowest value as the gaming performance which is excellent.

Look in msconfig for unnecessary programs loading at startup. You can actually disable all entries temporarily, but leave your Anti-virus, Spyware Detector and Personal Firewall.

Look in the startup folder for programs starting here also. You might also want to go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools, choose services and set then to manual or Disabled

Download Autoruns by System internals which displays many details on programs that start up win Windows.

Autoruns for Windows

Take a look at this site for setting services to manual or Disabled.

Here's my screen shot which has lower scores than you have, yet a higher index score than you have. BTW, my machine has tons of 3rd party software

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You don't mention my hard disk score, wouldn't that have an effect since it's technically the lowest up there, but thanks for that Autoruns site, I'll look at that now.


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Yes, you're right.

I thought the index score was based on each individual scores and give you the average.

Is the partition where you installed formatted with NTFS?

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