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Windows 7 Windows 7 Global Video playing problem


New Member
Jan 11, 2009
Hello! I have a BIG problem, I am using Windows 7 right now, and I am unable to play any kind of video content in Windows Media Player 12. Now, this is a global problem in the whole OS, I installed GOM player, to view a FLV file, and the system freezes, totally, this happens too with the Windows Media Player 12, when I open a video file, say, Avi, the whole system freezes to a total stop, and the Hard Drive still spins, I have to hit the power button, and reboot.

I am suspecting this could be a conflict with the graphics video driver, or could be codec problems.

I need this solved, because I need to put a Avi and WMV files on a Power point, and it also freezes...

Any help could be appreciated!

Well, I have just switched to the generic VGA graphic driver, and it works now, but that is the problem, I need the other driver, because it works with external displays, I am going back to that driver for a second (the driver that crashes the system), and maybe the video global problem will be gone, I will update the issue.

Update :
YES, it is the Graphic card Driver (Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family) I put the driver back in place, and the system freezes when the video opens. Okay, I need some help please!

UPDATE!!!! BINGO! AND PRESTO! Windows 7 users, DONT LET 7 fool you!

What happened was, I had this feeling, there was some thing wrong with graphic hardware acceleration. SO, I went to the display panel, and disabled some of the graphics hardware accelaration. So, dont give up on Windows 7!
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