Windows 7 hibernates randomly (and NO idea why)


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Also, check if your not overclocked in your bios, which can also cause many problems. Best thing to do is to set the BIOS to it's default settings. (You can also try optimized settings".)

I did that, no result :(
thanks for all your fast answers BTW ;)


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Great news! (Not the overheating... :frown: )
So now, you need to do some spring cleaning! Check your fans and vents for dust. (You might need to dissemble some parts to get in there. Be very careful when dissembling a laptop. Most manufactures have illustrated guides on this. If you're not careful, when you reassemble, you will have extra screws! Also, it's not like screws from desktop computers, where you can mix and match... every screw MUST go back to where it came from!! (Yes, in this case, size DOES matter! :tongue:)

Hopefully, it's just a bad fan. There are ways to fix fans (oil the pin) but they are so cheap, just get a new one if that's the problem.

Problem solved.

I disassembled my computer and cleaned my fan. Everything is working properly now.
Thanks everybody!


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Very welcome.

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