Windows 7 Home Premium {Making New Partition "Not Shrink one"}

I have Window 7 Home Premium Installed on My HP Pavilion Dv6 i5 Notebook. I have only 1 Partition. I want to Install

another Window and thats why i want to Make Another Partition for it (I Know About Shrinking of Drive but i won't do it

because it make the shrinked Partition Dynamic, Which Can not Have OS on it)

SO i want to know that how can i make another Partition Without losing this Win7. Because Once i had Done that ( Shrinked)

and install another OS on (Shrinked) and then My Win7 had stopped working and was getting stuck during (ScreenFlash) Please

Tell me how can i have an Extra Partition.

**I have an idea, Correct me if i am Wrong;

The idea is that if i Make "System Backup" of C:(45GBUsed : Free400GB) {Control Panel >Back up and Restore >Create a system

Backup} on External Drive. And Format Laptop and Make Fresh 50GB New Partition using (Any bootable CD).

So Can i Restore that "BACKUP" on Newly created 50Gb Partition. i think if i could and if it works then this is my

Solution. I haven't Tried and i want to know first. Please Reply Must.


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I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that you can just create a new partition and install another OS on it.

I think a lot of people here have been doing that with Windows 8 so maybe one of them will answer.

But to answer your question yes if you have a system image you should not have problem restoring it to a new partition.

I've just been thinking about partitioning my C:\ drive myself.
I have a one TB drive that I never put data on so I would like to break it up into 2 drives. All my data is on another drive.

I will have my backup up to date before I try it, but I'd like to know myself it anyone has had any problems partitioning their active operating system disk?

I just finished restoring the whole thing the hard way.
I don't want to do it again right now.



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Back to your original situation, shrinking a partition will not change its basic makeup. Perhaps you are referring to a logical partition, but even so, it will not change.

If you right click the partition and select shrink do you get a message about how much you can shrink it?

Maybe use the snipping tool to take a picture of your Disk Management window and attach using the paperclip.

Edit: If you are using Disk Management software other than those in Windows 7, please state which one.

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But to answer your question yes if you have a system image you should not have problem restoring it to a new partition.
First of All Thanks for a Quick Reply

And if you don't mind i want to clarify that,

When i creat <System Image> using Control panel would i need a 100% Free External Drive or will existing data on External drive will be deleted ??? Please Answer my this Question ..


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Backing up an image file just puts a folder on the external drive. It does not have to be empty.

Restoring the image to a drive will make the drive exactly the same as the original image. You will end up with the same partitions as you had when you made the image.

If you want to use a different type of restore, where you can change the partition sizes, you will need a third party imaging software to create and restore an image.

Again, you should be able to shrink the partition using Disk Management. If you do not know what it is, hit Winkey+R then type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter.

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