Windows 7 installed but not working somehow next restart

I went from windows vista 64 to windows 7 OEM, and have been having trouble for days. My latest trouble is that I finally got 7 to install, but when i restart or turn it back on it goes to gateway System recovery options! its been doing this all week. 7 is installed, but it wont boot to 7. I've tried as much as I can, searched the internet endlessly to no avail, if somehow someone can help, its very important as I need the computer to work! already lost all my files , though some important ones are on a hidden drive ( whole other story). If any more info is needed ask!


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Was this an upgrade or a "clean" install?

If it was an upgrade, there are propably problems with the drivers.

No it was customed advanced aka clean install, I acutally got into windows 7 now, even although on this particular install it said it failed, so im scared some files might be missing but I guess ill never know. It wont let me delete windows.old01 because it is using it apparently ( its windows ultimate in that .old)


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There is definitely a problem if you can';t delete the windows.old folder.

Some files are in use. I don't know how if this was a "clean" install.

for some messed up reason windows 7 is using some windows files from other windows 7 installations I tried, what i ended up doing was just deleting all the windows olds with disk cleanup, and thankfully one of the 4 windows installed still worked! Now I just use this one, anyone know how to make the other 3 disapear, so that it doesnt ask me which to choose on boot and so on?>


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Truthfully I would start over and reduce the fristration of trying to fix this mess.:)

seems to be working now, went through a week of hell, and this is about the 4th time I installed and put all my programs back and downloaded things/installed etc... So no way am I going to risk it and install windows 7 again. I fixed the boot, updated and even activated now so everything seems fine. Thanks for the concern.


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Glad to hear you got it!!!

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