windows 7 Network Access Protection agent Service turned Off


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While checking in a flag in my Control Panel-Actions under Security I noticed that the bottom item, "Network Access Protection" is Off. Below that it reads that the Network Access Protection Agent Service is not working.
1. What is this and should it be on?
2. where do I turn it on.
I have about 10 computers on my home network with most on ethernet and 4 laptops on wireless. My router is a ASUS Dark knight running the newest firmware.
Thanks Keland


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Mine is set to manual and as far as I know has never been started and I don't worry about it at all.

My sense is that it is the client / agent side of a larger feature set that one might use in a larger organization consisting of perhaps an active directory domain or at the very least a real server running Windows Server 2k8 or later consisting of a network policy server with network health polices proscribed ( windows updates, virus signatures, firewall configuration, etc.,).
Read more about it here.....

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If you have a decent Anti-virus and network suite protection program installed do not worry about it.... I did what Trouble did and set WinUpdate to ignore it. LOL.