Windows 7 not legit?

Hello there,

My name is Rick and I've made an account for posting this problem.

Today I was going to get my hair cut, so I left my PC on (with Windows 7). Anyway, when I got back 3 hours later, my PC was on standby mode.

I activated my PC and suddenly I get a message: "Your Windows 7 is not a legit version"

What the heck? I bought this version and it IS legit. Bought it from a normal shop so I don't see what the problem is here. I installed Windows 7 a month or two ago and I am quite happy with it.

Now my desktop background is black, and in the right bottom corner it says: This copy of windows is not legit. (don't know if it is the right translation, I am Dutch)

ANyone know how I can solve this? Did I have to do anything? I can't remember a screen where I have been prompted to 'activate' windows or something? I got the Windows 7 Home edition.

Anyone know a solution or have any tips? That would be appreciated!

Greets from the netherlands,


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Thanks Mitchell, a simple solution but it worked!


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Glad to have been of assistance!
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, see ya around :)

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