Windows 7 Windows 7 not recognizing a partition


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Bassicly it goes like this, after installing Windows 7 on my Desktop, went to Windows Explorer and was surprised to see that only 2 of my 3 partitions were recognized. What is weird is, during the installation, when you chose what partition you want to install the Windows on, that partition was there and it all seemed alright. I don't know what to do, but there must be a way to figure it out because i have some important stuff over there.

I have not reinstalled the windows as currently I don't have too much time, so some help that doesn't imply reinstalling would be great!

Thank you!
Control panel>System and security>administrative tools>computer management>sotrage>disk management. (I think it was..)

There should be 1/more volumes with a weird name. Right click on it>change drive letter and paths.

Should help. ;)