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when i start my pc after the authentication wizard my windows 7 opens My documents settings and in the background there is nothing just black screen when i close the my documents then black screen remains when i start explorer.exe from taskmanager then everything goes to normal. please give me some solution to that problem is that any virus? or my some file hasbeen misplaced??? Where are you Windows 7 technition????


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Is this a new installation?

What do you mean by Authentication Wizard?
The only time I had to authenticate was the first time I booted into Windows.

Is it asking you to authenticate every-time you log in?

Once you have opened and closed Widows Explorer does your computer work OK until the next time you shut down and restart?

This sounds like something is not getting loaded until Windows Explorer is starts.
You might try booting from the Windows Disk and running repair install and see if it clears up the problem.


Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and load Task manager.

From Task Manager, execute EXPLORER.EXE from; File --> New Task (run)

The desktop should load. Reboot the PC and see if you can logon and get the desktop again
without loading TaskManger and runing Explorer.exe .

If this did not help try the following:
If explorer.exe is not in C:\WINDOWS\ then insert
your Windows CD and, using the 'Task Manager', run
the 'System File Checker' utility with this command:
sfc /scannow

If the 'System File Checker' didn't replace it, boot
to the Recovery Console with the Windows CD and copy
explorer.exe manually:

1. Insert the Windows CD and restart.

2. When setup begins, choose the "Repair or Recover"
option by pressing "R".

3. Once at the command prompt, enter:
(Change drive letters accordingly)

4. The file, "EXPLORER.EX_" is compressed and should be
automatically expanded on copy. If it doesn't just enter
this command:
expand C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EX_ C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe

5. To exit the Recovery Console, type: exit.

I repeat my question i.e

Whenever i start my computer after the windows logon (where password for the windows is entered) my document folder just opens and there is no taskbar or desktop loaded. when i close my documents and start ctrl+alt+del and start explorer.exe from there taskbar and desktop and all other things start normally and windows work fine. i dont understant when i restart why all other utilities are not loaded e.g. desktop, etc.

Obviously Windows Explorer is not running at logon time. The program that runs at logon time is specified in the registry at the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell and is generally explorer.exe(considered the shell). Whatever is specified as the value of that key will be the first program to run after you logon. For instance, if you change the value to cmd.exe then a command prompt will be the first thing you see and not your desktop, which is controlled by explorer.exe.

Check that key to see if it has been changed to something other than explorer.exe. This is one way that I can see the problem you describe happening


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