Windows 7 Random Crashes- Rdyboost.sys?

nop, mine is legal :) it's that update version, that was for that cheap price for legal win xp/vista owners :)
will check that link

Cool, ya I edited my post too to include CCleaner as a possibility of having removed the crash dumps. :)

Set it up correctly as shown and then post a dump if/when it happens. Good luck!

oh yea :D I just yesterday went with ccleaner :D I wanted to clean my pc :D that was before I got here :D

and with that dump activation, i have not Small memory dump (64k) but I had Kernel memory dump on

looks like I have some other random crash, not smth with that rdyboost.sys
mine crash even dont make that minidump :( today 2 freezes :(

The ram timings and voltage seems to be funky with DDR3 especially 1333 mhz which needs precise manufacturer voltages and timings to run stable. It seems the mainboard manufacturers energy savings "cool and quiet ect." which enables processors and graphics and other hardware to reduce voltage when not needed. This seems to be why these ram voltages need to be set manually as they are set to auto which reduces the voltages in sleep mode or in light use,either way voltage fluctuation or lack of voltage to the ram is the cause of the instability. Most manucturers list ram timings on the ram as well as voltage. The Bios is another story, don't attempt any voltage changes without proper knowledge of Bios and mainboard installation.Set ram timings and voltage test with memtest.Check timings in CPUZ.
Peace out.

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