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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Elusive, May 30, 2015.

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    On windows that i have up, especially games, i get a very fast flickering or blinking, it briefly flashes to the desktop, some games when it flickers i was able to spot on the top menu bar 'not responding' for a split second. This only happens on google chrome when it gets really bad. This is getting really annoying. This started happening when i downloaded some malware by accident but I've cleaned them with malware cleaners/removers.

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    With Gaming, it's all about your hardware, so it would behoove you to provide us with full specs if it's a custom gaming rig you built yourself. Make/Model of Motherboard, CPU chip, Video Card/Chip, RAM, Power Supply, Hard Drive, etc. If it's a name brand or OEM computer (Dell, HP, Gateway, Lenovo, etc.), we'll need that as well.

    An easy way to get this info to us is to download the free SPECCY program from and post the resulting output file back here to this thread.

    You also need to tell us what version of Windows you are running, as that too makes a difference; especially with the service packs & video card/chip drivers.

    Most common reasons for this are:
    underpowered PSU (Power Supply Unit)
    #2: attempting to run in overclock mode on CPU that won't support it in BIOS
    #3: you've attempted to change a video setting to run a refresh rate higher than your monitor will support
    #4: failed hard drive; you'll need to test this with SEATOOLS
    failed video card or video chip
    #6: failed RAM stick(s)

    Now you can see why we need additional information from you to narrow down this type of problem.


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