Windows 7 Screenshots Thread

here is my snapshot

all the installed application that you can see is running smoothly with my windows 7 and it will be nice if you have a wallpaper changer :)

@ styros

How have you made those menu's with programs and so on? I am a bit newb on this windows 7, but oyur setup looks great! And the gadgets you have on your wright, where are they from?

Best regards

that is a cool desktop organization. How did you do that?

Anyone who new how you make your desktop like styros?

Where the desktop have different areas with programs apps and so on? I looks very nice..

Here is mine too

@styros plz share with us how you have used the desktop space to display different Application shortcuts.

I have some problem.. how refer to the screen shot...
how come th close and the maximize button are cover but something(after i resize the task bar....)

I like the quick launch, or at least the kinda like a quick launch.



here's mine with standard wall!


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Jamillasan. Would you PLEASE stop posting this info. Your identical posts are now approaching 40. Useful input is very much appreciated on this site. Yours is no longer in that category!


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Don't know what this crop is.

Can i ask whats the google text next start menu button?

Its quick search? How i can get it here?

it's in this screenshot:

@ Morphex

VERY nice Wallpaper dude! I like it.. ;)


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Thank you PcBoyGeorge excellent wallpapers :D

@PcBoyGeorge & morphex
awesome wallpaper, d/l and nw using as my desktop..kudos

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