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I don't understand why people are surprised that Windows 7 looks like Vista. Of course it does. Each version of Windows improves on the last, and that includes subtle UI changes. The Vista UI looks great and is a big improvement over XP. Is there room for improvement? Of course, but there's no need to drastically overhaul. And frankly a drastic overhaul of the UI would push development back several years.


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It'll probably be either the november or Q1 09 releases that have the new UI.
It's usually M4, but I heard they aren't dropping one this time.


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Speaking of UI. What do you think of the new one here?

As far as 7 goes, we all know that the new UI won't look like Vista, but it will probably have similarities. Why alienate all of your customers by making it completely different? Expect more ribbons from Microsoft Office everywhere.


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I'm going to agree with the ribbons, we see that they added that to wordpad and paint already, and they had been talking about pie menues as well.

I like the new UI on the forum too.

I don't consider adding a ribbon to select applications as a change in the Windows UI. That's a UI change for a specific program.


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Windows 7 6801 Screenshots

Official Screenshots, courtesy of and me.
These screenshots are property of me, and as such I own them.
This, of course means you can do whatever you like with them. =D

Ask questions, or leave comments below.




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Looks good to me. :) Hmm, the internet games that came with XP are back in 7?

P.S. Any screenshots on resource usage?

I can take some. It was a pretty low memory usage though, I can tell you that.

well windows 7 has had some changes with the different taskbar, as well as the virtual forder stuff. I can't comment on the aero, since aero does not have full functionality in virtual pc


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I like what I am seeing so far. After awhile the black theme of Vista seems kind of dismal, wouldn't you say? The new 7 has somewhat of a more glassy and shiny look to it, which I think may be more appealing over the long-term. Certainly it will be awhile until I upgrade again after Windows 7... ;)


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could anyone give me a sceenshot of there system in control panel


Windows 7 + Core i7 + SSDs + 4870X2's = 6.0 Score...

So here is my Windows 7 Screen shot. The modified graphics drivers offered on the sticky in the help forum, contained a dead link, so no graphics drivers where available. Cant run any games and it seems like a low Windows score for SSD's/4870X2s/Core i7 but I guess they are future proofing their numbers. Ive only been running this 64Bit W7 for a few hours. So I'm gonna keep working on it.

Got Chrome working, got MP3 Fix taken care of, now I'm working on graphics drivers.

PC is setup to dual-boot Windows 7 64, and Vista Ultimate 64. Windows 7 is loaded on a Striped array of 2 32GB SSDs. From on button to desktop = 15 seconds!!! Quite amazing!

Specs of the PC are:
Asus Rampage II Extreme
Intel Core i7 965
6GB 1600Mhz Tri-Channel Corsair DDR3
2 x Patriot 32GB SSD
2 x HD Radeon 4870X2 in Crossfire X
Coolermaster Ultimate 1000w PSU

Everything is at factory speeds, no overclocking going on at the moment.

Well here is mine (first with Vista)

And Task Manager

Now the same machine with Windows 7


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