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Windows 7 Windows 7 start up crashes and freezing


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Jan 15, 2009
So I have been having an issue I believe quite possibly a driver issue but I am not sure. I am noticing that the combination of Windows 7 + NVIDIA + World of Warcraft = Freezing and crashing. More or less what I am trying to say is everything will be running fine all drivers installed and everything but when I run World of Warcraft sometimes it happens right away and sometimes its delayed but it always freezes the system and when I shut down to restart I get a a blue screen which flashes and the system reboots asking if i want to run some type of startup repair which doesn't work so I choose normal and it does this blue screen flash reboot a few more times then all of a sudden it will work again. Here is a link to a video I made of it happening if you want to see... It may or may not work yet depends on if it was processed by youtube yet or not when you click it

I am looking for some sort of evidence that its not just me or that its repairable. What do you all think?
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Have the same issue. Sometimes I get a sound loop, and sometimes not. The computer locks for a minute or two, then self-reboots. Works fine with anything but WoW. I would love a fix for this so that I can test 7 as my primary OS, but it won't run WoW which I use often so I have to wait. I assume its a video driver incompatibility with Nvidia cards.
well i posted the same problem here (Link Removed) but i dont need any game to start up, it freezes randomly, i've posted a couple of days ago and still no answer =(
I solved the problem. After the failure I went back to Vista Ultimate and had the same problem with WoW using the same Nvidia video driver (181.20). At that point it either had to be a WoW add-on or the nvidia driver. I reinstalled the beta and used the driver available through the windows update rather than the latest Vista 64-bit driver. I re-installed WoW and selectively restored my critical add-ons and their corresponding .lua files. So far, so good. I'll report back if I continue to have issues.
Oddly the day after I posted this my computer just started working perfectly. Then right before I shut down for the night it started acting up again... This is what I have come up with... It is a video driver or video card problem with Nvidia. The computer lets me run it in safe mode and if i disable the video driver and restart it runs perfectly. Nvidia says its not a problem with their software and I need to download a driver from DELL and when I did that it wasn't any better. So I am lost as to what to do.

I have a Nvidia 8600 and I did a boot/clean install so the driver was provided from win 7 disk or update. Also I should mention I repartitioned-no problems.
ty james for letting us know your w7 runs flawless

but my problem persist, and i doubt the problem is the video card driver (i also have an nvidia 9600gt) because after a full disk format windows 7 got freezed during instalation, before the driver instalation, at 8%, 55% and 87%, i waited some minutes and it kept instaling =/
i also disabled and unistaled video card driver, from windows 7 and safe mode, but it stills getting freeze. i instaled my cd drivers, nvidia windows vista driver, and windows 7 update driver but the freeze keeps randomly coming

its there a way to find a list of errors or to know why it gets freeze?

tyvm for your help, i wont give up
I'm running Win7 64bit and it's running perfectly with WoW. I have a 8800 Ultra 768MB. I didn't install any drivers, just whatever windows found during setup. I'm getting very good frame rates in wow, compared to Vista.
Hi Ogaer: my video card is an Nvidia geForce 8600 gts. The drivers I had were (prerelease-WDDM1.1) therefore they were on the win 7 disk or on update. the driver is There is the option of: right click the driver you have in device manager and update- you have the option of searching the internet or direct the update to a file or disk. If you choose the later, make sure to run compatibility mode. As far as diagnostics: start>Administrative tools>system configuration>windows troubleshooting. 2.-start>type reliability in search files and folders click view problem history and the reliability monitor comes up.
ty james for the help, i did run some test but W7 couldnt detect any problems =/ on the other hand i unistaled, full formated disk, stoped drivers, intaled old ones, instaled new one, reinstaled newones for wifi card, video card, mouse, keyboard, sound, mobo and every single driver that i have and i dont have, all from windows vista, and windows 7, posted on 3 forums, and send several feedbacks, but the damn freeze continued, until it got freeze 5 seconds, then 5 min later 1 second, and since then it runs with no problem, 0.o!!
it doesnt freeze anymore, i would like to post how i solved the problem, but for the first time on my life i have a problem that fix by itself :confused:
for those who have the problem, i wich em luck