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I have a big problem getting my Alienware MX14 to work with Windows.

A few days ago, Windows forced me to upgrade to 8.1 which I did and it was working fine… then shut down my computer that night and booted it up the next day and it would freeze at the login screen every time, no matter what I tried.

I eventually got it to boot in safe mode and it worked fine all day, but wouldn’t work normally and would keep freezing, so finally did the Windows refresh.

That didn’t solve the problem and would still freeze at the login screen (but still work in safe mode), so I copied everything off it and the did the complete reset.

Reset went fine, but then when trying to set up Windows, it would still keep freezing when trying to set it up and since it’s not setup I can’t even boot in safe mode. Windows repair, refresh and reset no longer work and come back with an error.

Not sure if this could be hardware issue at this point, but seems more likely a problem with Windows since it worked fine in safe mode.

I’m travelling and don’t have any original Windows discs with me or anything, but if I need to go out and buy one I will - right now the only alternative I can see is to replace my laptop with a new one as I need it for work.

Any ideas how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Justin,
this might help? Open an admin command prompt by doing a search, right clicking on the result and run as admin. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

This will scan the system files and if possible repair any corruption.

I forgot to mention that freezing can sometimes be caused by overheating although if your working fine in safe mode then it could be a driver. Did you update anything recently?

Thanks, I'd tried the src/scannow before the reset and didn't seem to make a difference... but went to try again and says: Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service.

Thought it might be overheating too, so cleaned it out, but doesn't make sense it would work in safe mode then.

I had recently installed a few drivers, but thought the Windows reset would have set everything back to factory settings?


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Have you checked your drivers to see if they have reverted? Laptop drivers are usually supplied by the manufacturer so pop along to your lappies manufacturers website and input your model to find the driver support page. In fact i found it already:
Product Support | Dell UK

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