Windows 7 upgrade installation - black screen -.-

I tried upgrade my laptop (Acer Aspire - 5935G) from Vista too Windows 7.
When the installation is almost done, it requires restart, but when restarting the computer the computer turns black , after the Acer and Win7 startup thingy. I've tried to run via safe mode, but it cant finish the installation in safe mode.

After trying some repair-varieties i used acer backup manager to set the computer back 2 fabric stanard (as new, vista)
Then i tried to install Win7 again but the screen still turned black before the installation was done -.-

can somone help ? - thaaaanks


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Have you checked the Acer site for known problems.

I would make the upgrade as simple as possible by unplugging everything and anything I could. Unplug any external items, turn off in bios anything you can, and hope it works.

If it still does not work, see if you can find a file called setupact.log in the Windows\Panther folder to see if there is anything in the last 10-15 entries to indicate some type of problem.

And make sure you have disabled all programs in Vista? especially AV and firewalls. Run Msconfig and under startup
uncheck everything.

When windows 7 installs then tries to load an incompatible vista program it may black out.

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