Windows 7 wireless wifi network failure...

Well I uninstalled my ndis 6 port from wireless an no luck unfortunately... according to that post that is only interference that would effect connection so im not sure if uninstalling it completely will be beneficial :confused:


Noob Whisperer
Up to you of course, but I don't see what it would hurt. As I said earlier, you can simply re-install any such product if they do not prove to be at issue.

Randy, you are going to be a proud man... I have resolved the problem and I will not be pestering you like a little child asking 21 questions :) To be honest though, I am not sure what exactly I did, but I was messing around with the network sharing and it brought up one of my known networks :). Perhaps uninstalling the ndis 6 port paid off and I did not even know... Thanks for everything you have done Randy, I appreciate your support, patience and generosity. We will be keeping in contact!!! Have a good holiday my friend! Again thanks!


Noob Whisperer
You bet, glad it worked out for you. Sometimes when you make changes like you've been doing a reboot or two will often be required inorder for you to see the changes reflect properly. Anyhow thanks for the followup and we'll be seeing you around the forums.

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