Windows 7 wont boot

Hi everyone I have a problem with windows 7.

I downloaded a microsoft update as I have it on automatic and it took ages to download. Shortly after my vaio crashed and I had to shutdown by holding the power button. It then gave me the option of starting repair or normally. If i select repair it goes to a black screen then does nothing, if i select normal start it tries to load then crashes back to the beginning.

I have now booted from my windows cd and have ran the repair option. It says it cant fix it and the error is that a recent update or installation may be causing windows to not boot properly.

Is it now a case of backing my things up and re installing windows?

I wont be able to do this myself so can anyone please advise if a computer shop can back it up for me then reinstall windows and should that fix the problem?

thanks in advance


You can boot to safe mode by hitting f8 continuously at system power on. The choice screen will come up for safe mode + networking. Choose that.

Then go to C:\Windows\Minidump to copy the files in there to any other folder. Zip them and attach to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.
We can most likely help you sort issues by looking at the dump files this way.


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When you say "Repair option" exactly what did you do?

If you can get into Safe Mode, as suggested, you might try uninstalling the updates.

I got to safe mode and networking but then nothing, it bought up a load of file names then froze? Any ideas?

I ran windows from the disc and ran repair computer from there. How do I remove the updates??

Try hitting f8 again when starting the machine and choose the one that says "last good configuration" or "last settings that worked."

Or similar wording. I forget how it is actually shown. But you want to tell it to use the last good settings and hopefully that will return you to desktop in normal mode, well.

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