Windows 7 Windows 7 Won't Start after Synaptics Pointer Upgrade on windows Update


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i have tried system restore, and to automatically fix it and non work through F8 during start up.

when it says "Starting windows" it just stays there and eventually powers off.
"Start up Rapair" does no help either

only "Safe mode" works but how would i fix this around safemode?

if anyone has had this please help!, thanks
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I had the same problem on one of my laptops, right back from the earlier releases. Now I always look at the uodates and "hide"that one. It still getes offered pretty often. You could try rolling back and uninstalling the Synoptic update. Whats the point of the update anyway? I did wonder if it is not some kind of mild mischevious virus at one time.
have you tried unninstalling the device completely in safe mode then applying a driver that you know worked before you try to boot back into windows ?