Windows 8.1 instalation, multiple hard drives

Hello everyone. First of all, I'm sorry if this has been addressed already, but I've had a good look and couldn't see a solution anywhere.

I currently have Windows 8 installed on my ssd (drive C) with program and user files on drive E where there is more space for large documents and software.

While trying to install 8.1, I receive an error:

'Sorry, it looks like this PC cant run Windows 8.1. This might be because the Users or Program Files folder is being redirected to another partition.'

Does anyone know of a work around for this? Or am i going to need a new installation of Windows with the users on the same drive as the operating system? (I really don't want to do this)

Thanks everyone, Will

Hmmm, thanks for the link kemical,

I was hoping that if no one had a solution now, then it would just be a case of waiting for Windows to come up with something, but "Don't even try to relocate user profiles to another partition or disk on a production system running Windows" makes me doubtful they will help.


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Yeah I guess it depends on your SSD size but I have a 250GB and just use that for Win 8.1, Office 2013 and one or two games. It still leaves me over 140GB which for me is plenty although I do have a SATA 2 drive which is used for everything else. Windows 8/8.1 is very SSD 'aware' and as soon as one is installed it will configure Windows accordingly. This page is quite handy:

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