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I have a Windows 8 Pro key.

I would like to upgrade my Windows to the latest 8.1 Pro and make a "Bootable USB For The Windows 8.1 Pro", so I do not need to download the 8.1 each time I reinstall my OS.

So what should I do to create the USB? Are there any "step by step" information?



Basically you can't. That's becasue, and assuming of course, that this an OEM OS that was preinstalled by the manufacturer. So you can only update 8 pro to 8.1 pro through the store. If later on down the road the PC gets dorked up and reinstall from the recovery partition will take it back to 8 pro and then you will need to upgrade to 8.1 through the store.

Otherwise you'll need a new product key for 8.1 for a clean install of windows 8.1.


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As a work around you can use backup software* to make an exact image of the hdd which includes all the installed programs and windows keys onto a new hdd of the same or larger size. Standard practice is to put the old (original) disc in a cupboard or safe and use the new one … in the event of hardware or virus disaster you can replace the old hdd and boot back up in the time it takes you to screw in the new drive.
* I use Acronis true image but there are some free softwares around that are used by the folks on this forum and for personal usage they manage to do the job.

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