Windows 8.1 unable to log in [help]

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Veian89, Aug 26, 2014.

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    I was restarting my Dell Windows 8.1 laptop in my school, but after noticing it took unusually long (not sure if it was running an update) to be restarted. I forced it to shut down, however when I reached home, and tried to turn on my laptop, it doesn't work. It took unusually long to load at "Getting Windows ready, do not turn off your Computer" or "Please Wait" screen, and when it finally passed that screen, I am still unable to log in using both the pin code and the passcode, the pin code caused the screen to freeze after key-in and the passcode have me logged in into a blank, black screen. I tried to start Task Manager but it wont show up and I can't have access to Advance Startup Option. What can I do, eagerly looking for help. Thanks in advance

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    do you have a friend running windows 8.1? If so ask them to create a rescue disk or if you don't have a disk player in the machine try creating a USB recovery stick:

    Did Dell send you anything recovery wise when you purchased the machine? If not a phone call to a Dell support operative can be a help and should be free.
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    If worse comes to worse and you are are unable to get it to boot, and need to do a restore from the recovery partition...
    You should create a Ubuntu disk and boot your computer with it.

    This will allow you to copy all of your data off of the computer before you do the reset.
    Take your time and make sure you get everything, email addresses favorites etc.

    It's always dangerous to shut your computer off during the shut down process.
    Especially if it's doing updates.

    Hope it doesn't go that far, but Windows 8 isn't quite as easy to recover as Windows 7 which would let you do a repair install that retained all your data and software.

    If you get to this point and need help, just ask here.

    Good luck.


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