Windows 8 Windows 8.2 Rumors Likely True: Start Menu Returns

Mike, I realize that this is a Win 8 site but will Rocketdock be of any value if one is using Win 7? Just searching to see what I
can learn.
Just to clarify.. If your referring to this 'site' meaning this forum then we are not just about Windows 8. We have categories for Windows operating systems from XP onwards.

I used Rocketdock with Windows 7, and I'm using it with Windows 10.

I think I started using it with Windows XP, it's just an easy way of organising all of my commonly used software.
It's right in front of me and only takes one click to open everything.

It's free so there no reason to not give it a try.
I think pretty much everyone I know uses it, (that's because I set up all of their computers).

What I do is put things that I want to access while I'm in a software program, i.e. Photoshop, or my browser on my taskbar.
Things like Skype, the Snipping Tool, Fraps, my mail client etc.

Things that don't need to be visible when I'm using software go on Rocketdock.

Thanks Mike

Just to clarify.. If your referring to this 'site' meaning this forum then we are not just about Windows 8. We have categories for Windows operating systems from XP onwards.

No Sir! I know that this is not a single forum, since I am a real newbie, did not want to ask my question if in fact it was the wrong place to post it. Thanks
I can't believe that this post started to talk about Windows 8.2! LOL
That seems like the distant past now.
MIke - It is totally new to most people world wide. The only reasons that MS produces new operating systems is to create new business, or just because they can. I set my windows 8.1 up to look like windows 7,and never ever look at the apps that clutter the home page.
Windows XP did everything that was required for me, and the forced "upgrade" to windows 8 was a waste of time effort and money, particularly as it needed a new computer to do so. Luckily my XP machine is still running the programs that will no longer run on Windows 8. I now have regretfully switched to windows 7 for my day to day work, and only use the windows 8 machine for one purpose - to write Websites. I have tried a tablet with touch screen, but having nearly worn the skin off my finger sliding it about on screen, that is consigned to the bin. Touch screens are too unpredictable in their current form, and the best way for me is still a keyboard and if needs must, a mouse.
Mike Hawthorne might have been around a bit, but I started programming in 1978 on an Apple 2 costing with a printer and two disk drives that cost some £3000 or $5500 at the prevailing exchange rates, switched to MS in 1982, and have forgotten more computer languages than most people ever bothered to learn, so we may well compete for length of "geek-hood". DOS 3.2 was the best OS that Microsoft ever designed.

Best wishes and no disrespect intended to anyone.
I find 8.1 a great experience and the "Find Anywhere" a joy to use. When my clients who go over to eight ring me, I just explain it as a big start button which hitting the Windows key activates it, when they think that way after a day or two they love it.
I'm probably in the wrong forum, and I'm def not in the same league with all of you, but hopefully you can/will help me? I've gotten 4 very persistent calls from a man in India who seriously claims he's calling from Micrcosoft and insists I has a virus in my software. I've hung up on him 3 times but this 4th time I've asked him to call back to I can hopefully get some answers. I am surprised about said virus as I'm fairly well protected. Also a concern is...would Microsoft be calling from India???? Scam? Starting to worry...
It's a scam tell them to go away. Microsoft never calls customers. All they are trying to do is rob you of money!

This is a common scam, I know several friends who have gotten this call, if you bite they will ask you to let them into your computer.
Then they will screw it up and tell you that they will fix it for a couple of hundred dollars.

I have a friend who was the head of a school system, one of their employees fell for a scam like this and they had to pay several thousand dollars in bit coins to get there data freed up.

The people who came to make the computer secure after this happened said that the attack came out of Russia.

But Microsoft will never call you on the phone.

Lately I've been getting emails that look like they are from my bank.
They say that someone has tried to access my account and ask me to confirm that I am the owner of the account by entering my account information and password.

Your bank will never contact you and ask for your account information either.


I just noticed that this post was made over a year ago. LOL
I got the notice in my mail and just replied with out looking.
Mike is speaking words of wisdom above, many of us at some point has received 'scam' emails, and maybe even a phone call, which today, may be scary than the emails, because the thieves has went back to basics. Long before there were computers available to the masses, there were telephones, and this was how scammers worked then, as well as actually door to door contact.

Fortunately, I haven't heard of the latter when it comes to PC scams, though wouldn't surprise me to see door to door visits rebound. With all of the information out there how thieves using email to steal data & infect systems, as well as phone calls from bogus 'support agents', when these fail, they'll do whatever is needed to illegally earn their income.

Now, as to the discussion that Mike started, Windows 8.2 being a possibility, with all resources poured into Windows 10, even though W7 has the larger market share by far, 8.1 users likely won't see an update.....remember this is a corporation that wouldn't issue SP2 for their most popular OS! They sure won't give a hoot about W8.1, though I've finally agreed it's time to be looking beyond W7 & I have, with 8.1 & W10 on some computers, and Linux Mint 18 on others.

BTW, 8.1 is on this new self built PC of mine, completed a couple of days back. Unfortunately, the specs doesn't fully describe the system, the Fractal Design Define R5 is an elegant case for a first time builder or a seasoned pro, and this is my 2nd EVGA G2 series 650W Gold rated GPU. Just waiting on the funds for a EVGA GTX 1070 FTW upgrade.

As for 8.1, there's custom tools for those who doesn't want the Modern UI (formerly 'Metro') to make it look like Windows 7 or below, and maybe at some point, like W10 also. I know where everything is, and believe it or not, power management with Windows 8.1, Update 1 is far superior than even that of W7.

So I find some comfort that I'll be supported until 2023, rather than 2020, at the same time realize to an extent will be treated at some point like Vista users today, whom I felt deserved the shot at a W10 upgrade also, remember the $40 Win 8 promo in 2012? XP users were included in that one, so I felt that Vista users should had been in on the offer.

At any rate, Windows 8.1, with or without 8.2, is a decent OS, and for those who doesn't want W10 for now, yet don't want to fork over $129 for an OS with just over 3 years of support, 8.1 is a safe haven for a few years to come.;)

I hated windows 8, but 8.1 when properly set up (and it takes a while to work out how to do it) works just like my windows 7, complete with a slightly different start menu. I have been using it alongside windows 7 on my other machine and notice little difference. Both machines are normal monitor and mouse / keyboards. If I do want to play, then one click and the silly little apps for children appear, similar to the ones on my smartphone, but I don't have to use them. Its all in your mind. People just do not like change, and generally cannot cope with it. The problem with software is that the companies have to "fix" it whether it needs fixing or not. Windows 7 does not, so if it no longer gets support after 2020, just accept it and roll with the flow. I still use one machine that has XP on it, and have never had a problem with that also. I'm 72 in two months and not in any way a Geek!
All I did was install Classic Shell (now Open Shell) and it looked like Win 7. I did the same thing for Win 10.
Well, this prediction did not come off right.
Windows Phone has been dissolved. Xbox is closer to Windows more than before but people have moved onto cloud computing to Azure (based on Linux) would lead the way. By Azure, I mean, Azure services.

The Windows ecosystem has become service-based from being product-based.
And no Windows 8.2 has come out.
So sorry. My condolences.