Windows 8 Windows 8 BSOD (Mostly while running SABnzbd)


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I have attached the following:

W7F Diagnostic Tool Results
CPUID Screenshots
RAMmon Results

I've been getting a bsod pretty often since installing Windows 8. The most common cause of the bsod is while I'm using SABnzbd and, particularly, while SAB is unzipping large files. I'll typically get some type of memory management message and the bsod.

After reading some of the forums, I went into my bios and restored default settings. I wasn't sure if I had inadvertently changed some of the memory settings at some point in the past. I just made those changes tonight. I'm not sure if that has solved my issue or not.

The information that I've attached was all after I made the bios changes.

Thanks for any help or direction.


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It looks like you're still using the Win8 Release Preview. I suggest that you update to the RTM version ASAP - it fixes a lot of the bugs present in the Release Preview (I'm still running the Release Preview because I haven't had time to upgrade all my personal programs/settings - and I still).

The last 10 memory dumps are primarily memory or memory access errors. This is probably a driver issue, but you'll have to rule out memory issues in order to be sure.
Try these free diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics
Each of the tests will test a system component that has some affect on your system memory - so please run them all and let us know the results.

Once that's done (and everything has passed the tests), then run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

Just some suggestions here (as nothing in particular stands out):

- un-install all your Bluetooth stuff. One of the drivers dates from 2008 and I'd have to wonder if it's compatible with Win8 (it may be a Bluetooth Headset)
- un-install the Apple Charger stuff - it's been known to cause BSOD's in some Win7 systems. So I wonder if it behaves the same way in Win8.


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I was researching the new Bluetooth drivers and found this article: File information for update 2756872

It indicates, to me, that there's updates needed for the bluetooth stack in Win8 - so that means:
- get all available Windows Updates (and check to see if any of them apply to bluetooth)
- update to the RTM version of Win8 to ensure that you have the latest Bluetooth drivers.