Windows 8 Crash Issues

Hey guys. I have recently been having some MAJOR issues with a certain program called Avid Pro Tools 10.3.8. I'm posting this both in the Avid forum (which is down right now) and the Windows forum, because I'm still unsure as to which one is actually causing the problem.

Whenever certain Pro Tools sessions try to autosave, Windows will crash. I'm talking mouse freezes, cannot pull up task manager crashing. Also randomly, if I have been in Chrome searching something, and switch back to Pro Tools and try to hit play, the crashes will happen again.

It doesn't seem linked to one certain session, it just appears to happen randomly.

What I've noticed is that if I DO manage to pull up task manager, it'll say that Pro Tools is using up 99% of my CPU, but it definintely shouldn't be. Most of these are minimal sessions that have maybe five or six plugins initiated, and about 8 tracks total. None of these plugins are pirated, and this is an actual purchased version of Pro Tools.

I DO have Pro Tools 11 as well; but with the recent change to AAX plugins, I still run Pro Tools 10 in order to use certain VSTs that I cannot run in Pro Tools 11.

Also, I just built this PC and it works GREAT in other big programs; Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom, etc. Let me know which program is preferred here to use to generate specs, and I'll update those immediately.
Thanks in advance for any type of help!


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Any chance that having both versions installed is causing some kind of conflict?
This kind of thing is hard to figure out, when the computer just stops with no error message or anything it's not giving a lot of clues.

The first thing that I would try personally is to uninstall the version that's not working, using Revo Uninstaller to get completely rid of it.
Run CCleaner registry checker after you do, to see if Revo left anything behind, and then reinstall it in a totally new location.

On a different drive it you have one, not on Drive C:\.

We want Windows to see it as a completely different program than is was before and not connected to the other version.

There is a good chance that unless the old version has some element that really isn't compatible with Windows 8 that this will fix it.
It will set everything back to default setting and let you start over.

What operating system did you run the old version on before?

If it was Windows 7 it doesn't seem like there should be a problem, but if it was XP, who knows?
I know Avid Pro Tools goes way back, I think I had a version of it way back in the 90s, so it depends on how old your old version is.

Have you tried running it in Compatibility Mode?

Does it have any connection to where you are trying to save the files?
It sounds like it's having an Issue with writing to the save location, how big are the files you're trying to save?

If you open a file that you have already saved in the newer version and then try to save it again without changing it, what happens, does it ever freeze?

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Maybe someone else here has some better ideas.


Ps, does this relate to your issue with the plugins at all?


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