Windows 8 Windows 8 on Samsung NP3530EC


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Feb 9, 2013
Please let me know if drivers designed for windows 7 are 100% compatible with windows 8.
I have laptop Samsung NP3530EC-AOCDX with windows 7, and I am tempted to upgrade it to windows 8.
The only drivers available on Samsung product page are dedicated for windows 7.
NP3530EC -
Please let me know if I can expect stable work of my computer under windows 8?
There is a User's manual for Windows 8 and there is the download utility that claims to find Windows 8 drivers.

But many of your drivers will be in Windows 8 or downloaded during the install. I would not use a driver listed for Windows 7 unless some device was not working correctly. It appears Samsung has chosen not to supply Windows 8 drivers, possibly because it does not need to.

Before you change your OS, if there is any way to make an image, or even use a new Hard Drive, I would do so. Or at least have some way to recover back to Windows 7 if it becomes necessary.
Which drivers are you referring to? If audio or graphics I would check with the developer's web site for those devices. You will not necessarily see the latest drivers listed on the PC web site.

Many of the Win 7 drivers work fine in Win 8.
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