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    Hello everyone! I have been using Win 8 since the CP and I must say I really like it.I like the new start menu and pretty much everything about it.I do however have one small question and it is regarding the Windows firewall.Am I too assume that if a program is not on the list it is automatically blocked from accessing the internet? Or does it still have to be added then unchecked?They could have been a little clearer on this issue.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    That is probably not a particularly good assumption. If you look at the default properties of Windows Firewall you will see that "Allow" Outbound is the default setting for all three (Domain, Public and Private) profiles (See attachment).
    Additionally some programs write their own firewall rules (both inbound and outbound) during installation. As an example my recent install of Zune Software (to support my Windows Phone 7) included approximately a dozen or so inbound and outbound rules.
    Your best bet is to probably always check what is present, what is set to enabled and what is set to allow.

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