Windows 8.1 Windows 9 Tech Preview available in September


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According to Mary Jo Foley Microsoft intends to release the developer preview of windows Threshold either late September or early October:

Threshold is the next major version of Windows that is expected to be christened "Windows 9" when it is made available in the spring of 2015. Threshold is expected to include a number of new features that are aimed at continuing to improve Windows' usability on non-touch devices and by those using mice and keyboards alongside touch.

Among those features — according to previous leaks — are a new "mini" Start Menu; windowed Metro-Style applications that can run on the Desktop; virtual desktops; and the elimination of the Charms bar that debuted as part of Windows 8. Cortana integration with Windows Threshold is looking like it could make it into the OS, as well.

Read the full blog here:

If your wondering why it say's 8.1 next to the title unfortunately the forum software wouldn't allow a post without a prefix and as their isn't a Threshold prefix 8.1 had to do.
Wonder if all these rumors from the so called experts in the blogosphere included any reference to the product perhaps not being called Windows 9 at all.
Looks like it may be called Windows 10
Go figure.
Windows 10?.. Hmmm ok now that's different.. They really did want to distance themselves from 8 huh..