Windows Audio is not listed in the services and I HAVE NO AUDIO


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it may help if you posted why you initially started this process.

What happened for you to start downloading audio drivers?

Have you checked your Bios to make sure the onboard audio (if that is what you use) is enabled?

When you open device manager are there any warnings (usually yellow question marks or symbols)?


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No there wasn't, everything was perfectly fine, all audio drivers were there, but there was just now Windows Audio listed in the services or anything at all!


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For the last 10 hours CONSECUTIVELY I've been downoading multiple dirvers from windows, realtek, and ASUS (Motherboard Provider) and absolutely nothing is working. When listed in the Services there is nothing saying, "Windows Audio", the first one is Windows Backup. Can someone please help me fix my audio problem.

This can be difficult to remotely fix. Go to the properties of your sound in Control Panel. Find the device type, set as the default device, and make sure it has a check mark on it.

In the device manager, does the sound device indicate with a yellow explanation? If there is a yellow explanation this means the hardware is found and it most likely is a driver issue. If it does not show any sound device at all this means the hardware is not being found. This can mean a defective sound card or sound circuit on the motherboard depending on what you have.

If the motherboard sound hardware is faulty, you can always buy a sound card and use a spore slot to install it. You can also get a USB sound decoder. These work well, but are expensive if you require more features than to have only a single speaker and microphone connection.