Windows did not detect any networking hardware after latest Windows 10 update


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You betcha!! :wink:

The computer is only 3 years old. Don't really want to replace it. I just have files and personal photos etc.... On the laptop. I think my best bet is to back up these to a card and do the recovery option or reset it to the factory settings. Then just run the Windows 8 that came with it. Will that fix the issue? Each time I used system restore, the problem went away. My only issue with that now is the date I was using was replaced by a date after the update and now I can't restore it back. Time to get a Mac. Lol


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I think that the fact that you can run a cable to it and not have it show up is weird, even if the wifi doesn't work, you would expect it to see a network cable plugged into it.

I just don't know what could be so different in the Windows update that it would totally mess up the connection this way.

And your not the only one, I see other people having this problems too.

Have you checked this out...

If it can happen to someone, it's going to happen to me.

Removed all personal info and reset back to original factory settings. Everything is back working again. Updating everything and going to try the Windows 10 upgrade. Wish me luck and thank you to all that gave your expert input.


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When I updated to Windows 10 final, I did it from a clean install of Windows 8 and it worked really well, just like a fresh install of 10.
I'm betting that you will find the same, not having a lot of clutter seems to help a lot.

And your software will be happier when it's installed in the OS it's going to run in.

Good Luck!


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Mine is doing the same how do I fix it

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