Windows 7 windows does not see dvd & blue ray drivers


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Hi All,

My computer does not see my DVD and my Blue Ray drivers.
looking into device manager I get the next error message :
"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its
configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged.
(Code 19)"
I tried to restore my last working system but without success.
my questions are:
1. Is there any way to fix it without installing new windows?
2. How to make a repairing disk for such instances?
3. What should I do that next time I will be able to go back to last working system?


Try running "sfc /scannow" with out the quotes in an elevated command prompt window. This will repair any missing or corrupted system files.
I should have mentioned that, the term elevated means run as administrator. Just follow helpifIcan instructions and you'll have it.
unfortunately after running I got the message:"Windows Resource Protection did not find integrity violation".
So How do I go from here? Is the only way is to install Windows again?

If this is a retail PC, you can use the repair/recovery disks that you made. If this is a custom build you will need to you the media disk you purchased.

Also you can try tapping the F8 key immediately after reboot to get into the advance options menu.

Getting into Windows Safe Mode
Are the DVD and BluRay drives detected in the BIOS? If not, then installing/repairing Windows is not going to do any good. If they are properly identified, make sure your data and time are correct, then Save and Exit to ensure the CMOS information is properly saved.