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I would like to transfer files/settings etc from my old pc to a new one using Windows Easy Transfer. The old pc is running Windows 8.1 and I’m assuming the new one is too.

I have looked at a couple of videos online, and they clearly show that once opened you will be prompted to select what method of transfer you want to use and whether it is the old or the new pc.

I have opened Easy Transfer on my old pc and this does not happen. Instead, after the first screen informing me what will be transferred, it asks whether I have used Windows Easy Transfer to save files from my other pc. If ‘yes’ I have to connect the drive, and if ‘no’ the program closes. I get this whether I am logged into my account or as an administrator.

Would anyone be able to offer any advice how to go about saving files onto my old pc please, as this would be the first step?


Thank you, but unfortunately this doesn't help.

At 'c' it states to select hard drive etc. At 'd' it states to 'old pc' etc. As I said above in the second paragraph, I don't get these screens.


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I have no idea about Windows Easy Transfer, but I do know a way to move the old Windows 8.1 to the new computer. First, you need to install and launch a software AOMEI Backupper Standard, backup system to NAS, then, use the PXE Boot Tool to start up the new computer, and when the computer started up, the AOMEI Backupper main interface will show on the screen. Here, you can do an universal restore to restore the old Windows 8.1 to the new PC. Hope this could be helpful!

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