"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device."

I'm trying to install the driver software for my new mouse I bought recently and it keeps showing me this message. I tried everything to install it properly, but it still doesn't work.

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it."

"Access is denied."

Any suggestions?


Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Some specifics regarding the actual mouse, Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number and any other identifying tags might help.
There may be other members with the same or similar device who may be able to help.

Hi, again!
It's MUS-101 from Gembird Europe.
I just checked companies site and it says "Plug & Play - no drivers required", yet I still have to install them... Any other ideas what to do? :/


Noob Whisperer
Any other ideas what to do? :/
Nope.... other than going into device manager, selecting the problem mouse, right click and uninstall, if given the option include drivers.
Shut down your computer, plug the mouse into another USB port (actually on your computer / motherboard) and restart the computer. The first failure might have just been a one off.
Failing that perhaps give windows update a try (not usually my go to source but worth a try).
Doesn't look like anything more than a simple USB Optical mouse, so you shouldn't need any thing other than the Windows native drivers.

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