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Windows location wrong and cannot move it to correct location. Will not allow Cortana or Maps app to see my correct location. Used to be able to inter postal code or later move you pin to correct location.

Search->Settings->Privacy->Location. You can turn off each app manually (Choose apps that can use your location) or turn off completely for all apps: View image: Capture


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The same thing for me, the map shows my location 30 miles from where I'm at.
But I can't find anyplace to tell Windows where I'm at.

I looked at settings buy there's no place to edit where you are?


I turned them all off and still have same problem. It shows me 230 miles from my PC. I asked Cortrana where something was near me and lit gave all the locations in or near OK City.
Looks like the default location is my internet service provider. There is no place to change it to my actual location like the old system. Looks like Cortana is useless unless Microsoft does something for desk top users.

Ok, if you want Maps and Cortana to see your location you shouldn't switch it off. In settings...'Choose apps that can use your location' you should switch on Search (for Cortana) and Maps. Switch on for every app and then manually switch off for other apps you don't want to know your location.

Also: How to use and customize Cortana in Windows 10 "On the About Me page, you can also edit “places,” learned locations for home, work, and other places. This can be useful — for example, a voice search for “what time is it at home” when you’re on vacation will give you the time in your home time zone. You can add or manually edit the locations of these places here."

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That does not fix a thing. I am not over 200 miles away.


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Looks like the default location is my internet service provider.
I fear that's it for now...

I set my region in Cortana to US and she gives my ISP location which is in Belgium but still keeps working.
In most apps you can set your real location manually but Cortana keeps using the ISP location.


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