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i ran across the COOLEST picture (slide show) thing about a week ago, and...for the Life of me I can't find it again ! I know Windows Media Center has a actual slide show that will go through all the pictures in your pictures file... but, this one was different. It had all the pictures in black and white, and... as they were all gliding across the would zoom in just one picture and slowly bring it to it's natural color. does ANYONE know what I'm talking about ??? Please Help.. I wanna show my family, but... i can't find it... :(


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Open Windows Media Center and click "pictures and videos" and choose create slideshow.
For pictures navigate to where your pictures are stored and select each picture you want.
After creating the slide show back out to the Media center menu and choose tasks>settings>pictures>favorite pictures.
Click the "use my slideshow" radio button and use the drop down to highlight your slideshow and save.
Back out one step and choose "slideshow screensaver" and make sure "Play my favorite pictures..." is checked and save.
Your screensaver will now be your slide show.

If you play music you see a menu on the left that will allow you to choose your slideshow as a background to the music.
Just choose "play pictures".

Hope this helps.

P.S. If you can't create a slide show using jpeg's try converting them to .bmp's.

Have Fun!

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I'm Sorry...but, that's not what I found the other day. That IS Cool...but, that's not it. I Really appreciate the help though.

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